16:30 video

I've been stalking my old boss's wife after he fired me from my long time job. My plan is to make a bunch of money then do away with the wife Carissa Dumond. I bring Carissa into the living room. She is wearing a coat and has a bandana covering her face and she's making very faint, muffled sounds. I stop Carissa in front of the sofa and comment on how my idea for disguising Carissa worked perfectly - no one had any idea she was a bound and gagged victim! I take off Carissa’s coat to reveal her hands are tied behind her back and ropes holding her arms to her body. The curvy wife is wearing sexy lingerie. I then removes Carissa’s mask to reveal she’s well gagged — lots of stuffing bulging out of her mouth and tied in tightly by a cleave gag. As Carissa protests as best she can through her gag I sit her on the couch take off her high heels and start tying lots of rope around her legs. I say I'm sorry I had to grab the trophy wife but that her husband very cruelly fired me in a cost-saving move after I'd been a loyal company employee for many years. Carissa struggles desperately trying to loosen he ropes and gags but it’s no use. I return and tell the busty woman to make a plea to her husband to pay the ransom. I remove her gag and tell her to instruct her husband to drop off $5 million if he wants to ever see his wife again! Carissa pleads with her husband to do as I say. Carissa is helpless to stop me from stuffing her mouth with cloth and wrapping tape around her head several times. I leave the room again … Carissa manages to get on her feet and hops towards the door but I return just in time. I bring Carissa back by the sofa and put her into a tight hogtie leaving her bound, gagged and struggling to escape.

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