39:48 video

Busty redhead Lauren Phillips is stretched up by her wrists to await her horrible fate. Leather cuffs are locked aroun her wrists and ankles and her knees are strapped together with a leather belt. The beauty is slowly cranked up onto her tiptoes. She moans and cries through the bandana gag that is pulled between her teeth while her captor prepares the rack. She struggles helplessly hanging by her wrists her poor body stretched out tight desperate to find relief from her strenuous predicament but there is no escape from the peril that awaits poor Lauren. Next Lauren is stretched out on a foil lined table with heat lamps suspended just a foot above her curvy body. Her wrists and ankles are locked in tight leather cuffs with her ankle cuffs padlocked to a set of rings mounted at the base of the table keeping her legs spread apart. Her wrists are padlocked to a short wooden dowl attached to a chain running up to a winch above her head. She begs and cries into her gag as the winch is slowly cranked pulling her body tighter and tighter until her helpless body is stretched to her limits. Lauren can barely move as the heat lamps slowly begin so singe her tender flesh. She pulls desperately at her leather restraints as she realizes that she is being cooked and roasted alive under the intense heat of the lamps. She begs and cries into her gag for help but there is no one to hear her pitiful cries for help. The heat begins to take is toll on her stretched and helpless body as her grows weaker and weaker from dehydration - the heat lamps beating down on her glistening skin that is covered in a layer of cooking oil. She hopelessly squirms, sweats and suffers as he slowly roasts her to perfection! She makes one last desperate struggle to free herself from the table but it is hopeless - there is no escape as she gives up the fight and her eyes roll back in her head waiting for her inevitable end to come ...

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