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Nyssa Nevers & I are still naked & bound together face to face with a linked ballgag.  Our captor Whitney Morgan enters in her bath robe a little damp from her morning shower and removes our shared ballgag.  She tells us to make out and kiss and suck each others tits and nipples.  As she watches us she gets horny and starts playing with her pussy.  She starts to untie us.  Next she has me bound on the floor with Nyssa sitting on my face.  Whitney pushes Nyssa's head under her robe making her lap and eat her pussy. Whitney exposes her own tits to fondle them with her free hand the other hand pushing Nyssa's head deep into her pussy. After Whitney cums she has us tied up in the bedroom. Nyssa naked ring gagged & me in panties tape gagged frogtied on top of Nyssa's face.  Whitney laughs and leaves us.  Sexy robber Adara Jordin sneaks in looking around for things to take & heads to the bedroom finding us. Shocked at seeing us she say What the fuck...what have I walked into, I’m getting out of here! Adara doesn’t realize Whitney is behind her & as she turns around Whitney wraps her arm around Adara's throat.  Adara tries to talk her way out of it saying she can leave & won't say anything but is told to shut the fuck up. Whitney picks up a pair of panties from the floor & gags Adara with the panties then orders Adara to strip.  Whitney gropes Adara's entire body tits, ass pussy is fondled, gag kissed, fingered & Whitney licks her fingers then Adara's gag is removed & she is made to French kiss Whitney & worship most of her body by licking & kissing her armpits & tits & ass.  

Adara is now ring gagged & bound naked fitted with a strap on with Nyssa also ring gagged & bound naked bent over a chair. I am bound on my knees next to Whitney. Whitney orders Adara to fuck Nyssa hard like your life depends on it. As Adara obeys Whitney takes off my gag & orders me to get licking under her skirt.  My face is buried deep in Whitney's pussy under her skirt while Whitney gets of watching Adara fuck Nyssa until they both cum.  Next I am the floor naked and bound with a strap on. Adara & Nyssa are naked tied together like standing up & both ring gagged.  Whitney gets naked then removes both the ring gags from Adara & Nyssa get kissing you two I wanna see mouth action! Adara & Nyssa obey kissing each other as much as they can as Whitney gets ready to ride the strap on. Sitting on it & starting to bounce she gropes my tits slapping her legs.  Whitney rides the strap on while Nyssa & Adara kiss and suck each others tits. Whitney fucks my strap on harder & harder until she cums.  Whitney has our hands tied behind our backs, crotch ropes, OTM gags and a rope around each of our necks chain gang style as she leads us outside.  Whitney sits down groping us one by one & kissing each of our gagged mouths. She says well my pussy & asshole need licking. It ends up being Nyssa to service her first.  She removes all three gags telling Adara and me to kiss each other & watch....Nyssa made to get on her knees with the crotch rope making her wince & her face is pushed into Whitney’s butt cheeks first then pushed into her pussy until she explodes in orgasm.  While Whitney is distracted I untie my hands, then Adara's and we untie Nyssa.  The three of us hold Whitney down vowing to get our revenge ...

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