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I am an insurance investigator and I'm assigned to investigate yet another claim Mia Hope is making about a robbery. In the past two years Mia made three robbery claims and got paid. In each robbery Mia said the burglar came in and tied her up before robbing. Therefore my company is doubtful since she is claiming for the fourth time! When I arrive I tip toe into sneaking up behind and I was able to hear the conversation with one of her friends. Mia just love being tied up and gagged! To make it more fun, she pays someone to do it and "rob" her along the way since she is insured anyways. I confront Mia telling her that I know what's happening and if she doesn't let me tie her up and gag her for my own pleasure or I will report her to the authorities. Mia agrees thinking it will be simple tie. First I put a big strip of black tape over Mia's mouth to keep her a little quiet and then tell her to lie on the floor and act like her wrist and feet are tied in a hogtie. Then I do the real bondage on her; her thumbs and toes tightly tied with twine and then before putting her into a thumbs to toes hogtie I stuff a sponge into Mia's mouth sealing it in with layers of clear tape. Next thing Mia knows she is hogtied, bound and gagged on the floor. Mia struggeles and pleads through her gag. Every movement she tries, it pulls into her toes! And the gag is just so well done. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Mia tries desperately to get their attention struggling frantically but I appear with a wet rag. I answer the door and get rid of the girl selling cookies then walk over to Mia's bound body tapping her face to awaken her. I inform Mia I plan to keep her where she will be always tied up tight and gagged. All she will be used for now is for tight humiliating bondage ...

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