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Misty Meaner is a very young and beautiful women who is known to dress very provacatively to grab the attention of many of the men in the office. She loves to wear very sexy revealing clothing and the way she carries herself is a tease to all the men in the office. Misty has also my attention. Despite being a stern executive at the firm, I also am a secret admirer of Misty. I do have a dark side and am a sensual sadist who has plans of my own for Misty. I offer Misty a promotion and to celebrate I invite Misty over for a drink. Misty arrives wearing a tight one-piece short skirt high enough to see the tops of her stockings. I lead Misty to the sofa with two glasses of wine. I congratulate Misty on her promotion and offer a toast to success. After some small talk Misty gets woozy and I begin to fondle her ripe body. Soon the confused girl is asleep. Misty awakens to find herself completely naked and tied to the bed spread eagle. I get on the bed and lay on top of Misty face to face. I explain how I have been waiting a long time for this. I fondle, grope and lightly tickle Misty with my long red nails. I kiss her on the lips and down her neck whispering in her ear. I promise Misty that I just want to have a little fun. We begin to make out and while we are kissing I dig into Misty's sides. Misty tries to break out of the kiss as she breaks into laughter. I now straddle Misty for some fondling and hardcore tickling and taunting. After a few minutes I move between her legs and begin to tickle her hips groin and inner thighs. Sadistically finding the most sensitive spots and zeroing in on them. I grab the Hitachi and lay on top of her and begin to caress her breasts and suck her nipples working her way down her stomach and then between her legs. Finally I use the vibrator on Misty bringing her to a massive orgasm. After the orgasm I keep the vibrator on her for a few seconds for some post orgasm torment. I lay next to Misty kissing her and running my nails down her body to attack her engorged sensitive clit. I tweak and massage her clit as Misty is begging me to stop then whip out the vibrator again bring my captive to a huge second orgasm!

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