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Sexy Slyyy now finds herself lying on the floor of the crazed Gigi's floor brutally bound in a massive amount of rope. Her elbows are smashed together behind her back with ropes wrapped and cinched around her wrists, forearms, elbows, biceps and shoulders. Her long slender elbows are fused together with miles of ropes wrapped and cinched around her thighs, knees, shins, ankles, feet and even her big toes are tied. She can feel a tight crotch rope violating her pussy and ass. Her long legs are bent and hogtied with ropes attaching her bound ankles to her bound wrists. She can't believe another woman could be so cruel, every part of her bound body aches from the strenuous bondage. She can't move much more then her head. She moans into her gag in agony, but a big ball is jammed between her teeth held in place by a shiny harness panel gag. She hears someone approach and hears the voice of Gigi, Slyyy hopes that she has taken pity on her and will finally free her of the brutally tight ropes. But her hopes are dashed when instead of freeing her she begins to taunt and tease her telling poor Slyyy that she better get used to the ropes since she will be spending the rest of her life in tight bondage. Slyyy can feel Gigi tie a rope to the ring at the rope of her harness gag then cruelly pulls the rope back to her bound elbows. Slyyy's neck is arched back as Gigi ties off the rope. Now Slyyy can't move at all, Gigi rolls her onto her side and grabs the painful crotch rope and jerks it, Slyyy sobs into her gag in pain as the crotch rope slices deeper into her poor pussy. Gigi rolls her over and leaves her alone for the afternoon. 

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