12:30 video

Busty Slyyy's torment continues at the hangs of the deranged MILF Gigi. She has been moved to an old warehouse and bound completely naked standing wrapped in hundreds of feet of white rope. A shiny black harness gag is strapped tightly around her head, holding a big ball that pries her mouth open. The harness gag is attached to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley. Slyyy's poor arms are useless to her as they are wrapped up and fused together in ropes drawing her shoulders back and thrusting her big beautiful tits out. Her poor elbows are crushed together and her arms are welded to her spine with more cinched ropes wrapped around her chest, belly and shoulders. Her big swollen tits throb in pain as they are wrapped in a tourniquet of white rope that causes them to swell and mushroom out. A rope also cuts deep into her pussy and ass slicing her pussy in two. Her long slender legs are also fused together with ropes cinched around her thighs, knees, shins, ankles and even her feet. With even more ropes tethering her feet to the floor attached to four rings bolts to the floor around her. Slyyy can barely move at all wrapped up in her rope hell. Gigi comes back to taunt, tease and torment her captive. She pulls out a wand vibrator and uses it to torment poor Slyyy's pussy until she is made to cum. Once Slyyy has an intense orgasm Gigi leaves her alone in her bondage hell to suffer for the even as she goes back to home to prepare more sexual torments for her helpless captive.

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