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Mikayla is a powerful politician that craves the subversion of being dominated. She sits in her car and calls my company looking to rent out a bondage dominatrix. Mikayla requests a small woman to come and grab her, tie her up and gag her really well. Mikayla specifically asks for big gags and to be really felt up. She hangs up all excited and walks to her apartment. The beautifull 6'4" amazon is disappointed when no one grabs her as she walks in. Mikayla leans over the counter and voices her disappointment that I'm not there. With her back turned I sneak up behind her and hand gag her. Mikayla is surprised and happy as I ask her if she’s ready to be tied up. Mikayla tells me that there’s a roll of duct tape in one of the drawers. I retrieve it and pin Mikayla’s wrists behind her back. As I begin to tape her wrists, Mikayla tells me to make it tight. When I'm done I squeeze Mikayla’s ass and spank it several times. Mikayla asks if I brought something to gag her with and I say yes but first I need to secure her. Mikayla is now in a chair. Her mouth is stuffed and she is OTM gagged with a large white cloth. I've taped her legs and lower body to the chair then finish taping her chest to the chair. Mikayla moans in pleasure as I finish taping her. When I'm done with the bondage I grope Mikayla’s breasts and ask her if she’s enjoying herself. Mikayla moans yes as I continue to grope and feel her up. I tell Mikayla I'm going to let her struggle for a bit and leave her there for several minutes. Mikayla sensually struggles and moans in the chair. I come back a little later and have a seat on Mikayla's lap. I say it's time to get Mikayla undressed as I start unbuttoning her blouse ....

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