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Slyyy works as an accountant in a big company. She loves luxury and has channeled off money by manipulating invoices. Her boss discovered Slyyy's deceit and wants to have the sexy MILF as his personal slave. He recrutes me, the head of the legal department to help him destroy her. I've never liked the busty bitch anyway so I'm happy to help with her demise. Slyyy walks towards the house of her boss - he has ordered her to come in private because of an "urgent and serious matter“. Slyyy is a little suspicious because the head of the legal department is here. Her boss begins to tell her that he found about her embezzliing. Slyyy denies it and says that there isn't any proof. I tell the uppity bimbo that there is more than enough and the boss now offers her a deal: She will either go to jail for many years or she can be his slave for one year. Slyyy is disgusted by the thought of it, but I jump in to tell her the details. She will sign a contract for her slavery and after she fullfilled her part for a year, the company will renounce any prosecution. Slyyy has a change of heart and accepts the offer. The boss has Slyyy change into a sexy French maid outfit and he turns her over to professional rigger Jim Hunter who he hired to tie her up tightly. Slyyy is hobbled by the ankle bondage and she comes in from the kitchen in her skimpy outfit with little steps bringing him a beer. The vibrator tied up against her pussy is already running. She slowly walks over to her boss desperately fighting the vibrations. He tells her to entertain him by moving her ass sexy for him. Still desperate she obeys. Then he commands her to come closer to him so he can fondle and manhandle her groping her big tits. He makes her get on her knees before him and tells her to blow him. When he takes off her gag she asks if a handjob wouldn’t be enough and if he could at least turn off the vibrator. He takes out his cock and tells her to suck. While she sucks his cock he tells her that she should learn to be a little more enthusiastic and to put more effort into it. Slyyy complies and eventually he cums making her swallow his load then puts back the ballgag into her pleading mouth. The next thing she knows Slyyy is completely naked tied to the bed - her arms and legs widely spread wearing a harness gag which is secured to the top of the bed. A vibrator is tied to her bare pussy already running on high driving her crazy. I come in making fun of her and playing with her helpless bound body. I taunt and mock the helpless prey and since there are unused nipple clamps laying on the bed I torment her with them. I laugh and walk over leaving poor Slyyy helplessly submitting to endless bound orgasms ...

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