Toga girl tied, tickled terror

34:51 video

~Terra Mizu~

Terra is on her way to a sorority costume party when her car fails. Stranded out in the woods, her cell signal is cutting in and out. The tow company will be a few hours, but the call keeps dropping so she doesn't even know if they are coming to her aide. After a while she decides to attempt making the trek by foot and hopefully finding a town nearby.

After what seems like forever, she comes across a warehouse and finds the tow company. She bangs on the door and a man lets her in, locking the door behind her. He informs her the driver will be back soon and walks off to the back. Dumbfounded, Terra starts to wander around, eventually come across a strange back room. It doesn't seem normal for a tow shop, so she asks the man who enters the rom behind her. She now wants to wait outside, but he isn't going to let her.

As she heads for the door, he headlocks her, dragging her over to a pole. She struggles and pleads with him. He tells her to sit as he ties her wrists behind her back, securing her to the pole.  She is flustered and doesn't understand what's going on. He lifts her skirt taking a peek, leaving her a gasp. She tells him not to do that and he mockingly replies "ok, my goddess". Finally, she thinks things will go better as 'goddess' is how she should be referred. 

He grabs one of her feet and tells her how ridiculous her sandals are. She tries to squirm her feet away from him, especially when he asks if she's ticklish. She panics, telling him she's not, but he already knows from his brief touch of her nyloned feet. She tries to call out for help as he approaches with more rope. He laughs and comments how nice her nylon socks and pretty toes are. Kicking her feet, she doesn't want this weirdo near them. 

They continue to argue as he removes her sandals and ties her knees together. He begins to tickle her feet and she laughs thru her protests. He decides to remove the nylons socks to see if she might be more ticklish. Immediately wailing from his touch, her super ticklish feet are waving every direction in an effort to escape his fingers. After a bit he leaves her, laughing menacingly at her.

He returns with a bag of tricks for her. Pulling out a large feather, he begins to taunt her soles. She shrieks, still trying to move her foot away. He reaches in the bag and pulls out a second feather, to torment both feet at the same time. She howls consistently, gasping to catch her breath as he runs the feather up and down her soles, all over her toes. Gripping her foot, spreads her toes running the feather between them, silencing her protest with laughter.

Terra can't stop laughing, between loud wails to silent giggles. He's now using a paintbrush on her toes, dragging it up her soles. She moves her feet to get away from the brush but ends up tickling herself doing so. Terra calls him a sicko and asks to be set free. He pulls out a larger brush, running it all over her feet as she screams. Then he tests a comb on her sensitive soles. She can barely take anymore.

Just when you think she couldn't scream or laugh any louder, he pulls out 2 electric toothbrushes. He tapes them to her feet, with the bristles spinning on her toes. There is no escaping this hell. Eventually he removes them and oils up her feet. Finally, a break and the treatment this goddess deserves, but not really. He goes right back to using his different brushes, causing her to thrash a scream with uncontrollable laughter.

He coats her feet in honey and put her see thru socks back on her. She is disgusted. Suddenly her phones rings, it's her sorority sister who is too dumb to pick up on the hints Terra drops about her situation. He tickles her some more with his fingers before putting her gladiator sandals back on her very sticky feet. When she thinks this freak might be done, he wiggles his fingers in her sandals, driving her crazy. He is relentless and she has now been tickled stupid. 

She wakes up outside the shop, draped over a stack of tires. "What happened? was that a dream." She sure hopes it was, but her feet are definitely sticky.

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