13:50 video

~Bella Ink~

Bella and Gigi are hanging out in their safe house. Gigi brings up that maybe it's time they find a new place before someone catches onto them. Bella thinks they are just fine where they are. Suddenly Gigi sees someone out back, Bella says she's just getting old. Gigi tells her to go look. Bella gets up to get a better view when she gets knocked out by Gigi. 

Bella is now naked at bound in tape. She's a feisty one, so multiple layers have been wrapped tightly around her, preventing her from getting back at her partner that just crossed her.  Bella is furious and demands to be set free. She learns that while they completed their biggest heist, Gigi wants it all for herself. Tired of hearing Bella bitch, she crams a pair of dirty panties into her mouth. She wraps white tape around her head a few times to ensure the bitch stays quiet.

Gigi has plans and needs to be on her way. Bella still furious, screaming thru her gag. She struggles around but can't get this tape to loosen. Her hands are of no use as they have been taped up, her elbows crushed behind her, completely encased in tape too. She squirms her way over to the front door, furious and very uncomfortable with her situation. 

She swings her long, taped legs upward to reach the door handle. She misses a few times as her body weight is crushing her arms. She tries to gather herself and get her feet back up there, but the door is locked. She just can't seem to get out no matter how hard she tries. Moaning and screaming thru her gag, she is very frustrated. She needs to get out of this tape and find her ex-partner. 

She focuses on trying to get the tape off, struggling frantically. Trying hard to work the tape, maybe it will eventually release some of the grip on her skin. She is getting exhausted, out of breath and tips over. She rolls on the floor, side to side, moaning and growling. She is pissed, she is tired, she hasn't gotten any closer to getting free, just wearing herself out.

Suddenly there is a knock at the door, Bella rushes as best she can towards the door, screaming as loud as she can in her gag. The solicitor never hears her muffled cries for help and Bella angrily slams her feet into the door. It quickly sets in that she isn't getting free, and Gigi is long on her way, enjoying all the fortune. All she can do is struggle and cry and maybe someone will find her before Gigi sends in a cleaner.

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