16:45 video

~Mandy Wolf~

Mandy has returned to private high end shoe dealer Gigi in hope to redeem herself and buy a nice pair of heels. Gigi is hesitant as she doesn't trust the thieving bitch. Mandy apologizes and tries to excuse her previous actions. Gigi considers, but only under the condition that Mandy be tied up, this way she doesn't have to worry about her trying to steal again. Mandy isn't too pleased, but after some convincing about how stellar the new line is, she reluctantly agrees. Waiting, Mandy starts to remove her heels, stretching and flexing her nylon encased feet. They are aching from her current fast fashion shoes. 

Mandy is now bound to a chair. Her arms are bound behind her, chest tied to the back of the chair and her legs and ankles are tied cross-legged. Mandy still doesn't feel this is all necessary, so Gigi quickly reminds her how she used her hands to steal before. Mandy agrees and just wants to try the shoes already. Gigi tries getting a pair of pink stilettos on her, and with some umph finally gets one. Mandy is thrilled but after fussing with the second one, Gigi rips them off and tries a pricier blue pair. They fit perfect, but Mandy is eyeing a cheetah print pair.

Gigi informs her they do cost a bit more, but puts them on, cramming her heel into them. She thinks Mandy's feet grew, but a little breaking in of the shoes will fix that. Mandy tries to get her to untie her legs to which Gigi quickly tells her no. Mandy complains that the shoes are a little out of her budget and is told maybe she should be shopping at JC Pennys. Gigi moves her onto a pair of red pumps, letting Mandy smell the fresh genuine leather. They are perfect, Gigi heads off to check the price for Mandy.

Mandy complains the ropes are making her a little to tight, Gigi is getting fed up with her. She tells her the red are way out of her budget and offers her a cheaper pair of used hot pink shoes with some scuff marks. Mandy would rather the red and insist she has the cash for them, but Gigi doubts her and puts the used heels on her. Mandy still insists on the red heels and asks to be untied so she can show her she has the funds, but Gigi is tired of listening to her and cleave gags Mandy. 

She snatches the heels off of Mandy and also takes the heels Mandy came in with. Then she spots her wallet and takes some cash for her time. Mandy wide eyed, in disbelief at what is happening, protests thru her gag. Gigi tells her how great she looks tied up and caresses her nyloned legs and feet before heading off to spend her money. Mandy left sitting pretty in her tight binds, struggling, wondering when Gigi will return. 



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