22:15 video

~Nyssa Nevers~


The busty Asian spy Nyssa Nevers runs through the house with her wrists handcuffed behind her back. She unsuccessfully struggles to open the front door then rushes through the back door through the alley to the gate pounding on it with her body. Finally she manages to get the gate opened and she takes off running desperately through the woods trying to get away from me. She's gasping for breath and stumbles several times running and running deep into the woods. She rests against a tree breathless and panting from exhaustion and heat then continues running. She falls into the dirt and tries to wriggle her hands out of the cuffs but it's no use so she resorts to hiding in the thick brush. Nyssa squats down hoping she's hidden front view but I sneak up behind her as she tip toes out from under cover and push her down to her knees. Nyssa sobs as I cover her mouth laughing at her futile attempt to escape me. I remove her handcuffs then I tie a very heavy block of wood onto her arms and make her carry it through the woods. I whip her back, ass and thighs with a crop. Nyssa is sweating profusely and she begs me for water. I push her down to her knees and dump a bottle of water into her mouth laughing as it overflows over her big tits. Nyssa is struggling to carry the heavy wood on her shoulders so I pull and twist her nipples to motivate her to move faster. She sobs and screams from the pain but I am determined to break the stubborn spy. I add electric nipple clamps to torment her more. The hot sun beats down on the big tit Asian as she marches on. Finally I let her rest while I untie the wood and remove it from her shoulders. Nyssa slumps into an exhausted pile of flesh so I kick her and demand she stands up. I toss a shovel and make her dig a deep hole. I continue to whip her as she digs the hole and soon she collapses into the dirt wondering what will be going into the hole she dug.

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