18:38 video

~Carissa Dumond~

Assistant District Attorney, Carissa Dumond has been waiting a long time for a huge case to launch her career to the next level and she's convinced that finally things are about to break for her. I've been a well known cartel Hitwomen and I contact Carissa laying it on thick about fearing for my life. I tell her I want to turn on the cartel and be a star witness. I ask Carissa to meet me at an abandoned auto shop. I tell her to come alone because the cartel has moles in the DA’s office. The gullible MILF rushes to meet me and she's thinking about the bragging rights she will get about the case and how she single handedly took down the cartel. It never crosses her mind that she's walking into a trap. As soon as Carissa arrives she begins to question me about the evidence I have. I inform Carissa that all the evidence she will ever need is in the bag in the middle of the room. Carissa runs over to the bag in anticipation and all she finds is a lot of rope, a roll of tape and rags. Suddenly I pull out a white cloth and move in close ... we fight and struggle for the cloth and finally I am able to wrestle the busty ADA pinning her down pressing the cloth over her mouth and nose. The room blackens ... Carissa awakens slowly and she realizes she is on the floor naked and tightly bound - wrists crossed and cinched, rope above and below her ripe tits fastening her arms to her sides and her wrists are tied to rope around her waist to further restrict her mobility. Her legs are bound in rope at her ankles, calf, above her knees and lastly her thighs. Carissa frantically tries to collect her senses in the situation struggling helplessly and crying out for help. I pack her mouth full with the rags then wrap around her head with many layers of tight tape. The poor ADA eyes widen in panic as I am tightly sealing the wad deep in her mouth. She tries to talk through the gag shaking her head in disbelief as she watches in horror as I dispose of her clothing. I taunt the dumb bimbo about the fate that awaits her then take some time to manhandle and grope her bound body mocking her for falling for my trick. I leave Carissa naked, bound, gagged and helplessly struggling on the floor. Carissa desperately tries to find a way to escape and struggles frantically but the ropes don't budge. Carissa tries to scream through her gag. After a bit I return and turn a large barrel over telling Carissa she will soon be taken away in the barrel and dumped where no one will ever find her. I finish Carissa off in an unbearably tight hogtie and leave the panicked ADA alone and helpless, struggling desperately with no way to escape



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