52:04 video

~Carissa Dumond~


Carissa Dumond is a psychologist who's been fantasizing about bondage. She contacts me to fulfill her kinky desires and we sit and discuss exactly what the curvy MILF craves. She tells me that lately she realizes "I’ve always wanted to be dominated. It’s kind of funny that someone in my profession will realize this so late in life but that’s the way it goes sometimes." Carissa's main objective is to become completely helpless. She'd like to be ambushed by a gloved hand over mouth as she enters her home after work, to strip and then be tied up four times. The element of surprise is important to the kinky woman so she does not want to know what day this will occur. We get into the details and I depart knowing exactly what I plan to do to this curvy beauty. Several days pass and Carissa enters her home where I am waiting to take control of her. I put my gloved hannd tightly over her mouth and her to strip. I bind her wrists tightly behind her back then march her out into the garage and hoist her up into a strappado. Her tits are bulging out from the tight bondage wrapped around them. I shove a sponge into her mouth and wrap her pretty face with layers of duct tape then beat her ass with a bamboo cane while Carissa moans in pleasure. Before I chair tie her in the kitchen I make her gag herself with her panties and wrap the duct tape until she is thoroughly gagged. Now I leave her in a super tight chair tie with her toes tied and bound to the back of the chair so she truly cannot budge. Carissa mmmphs, grunts and struggles after for many minutes after I leave. I return and wave a vibrator and tell we have just gotten started. Now Carissa is tightly spreadeagled to the bed with pillows lifting her hips. I use the vibrator on her hairy pussy and taunt her until she explodes in a huge orgasm. Carissa is still gagged and her hands now tied behind her back as we go into the living room. I tie a tight crotch rope on Clarissa splitting her naked hairy pussy in two. Carissa grunts in surprise as I her onto the floor and hogtie her very tightly. I tie her big toes together and attach them to her neck her to arch her back then apply a lot of electrical tape over the duct tape silencing Carissa even more. I leave Carissa to helplessly struggle and mmmph and grunt. This goes on for awhile and then Carissa finds the crotch rope. She starts to pull on it getting more and more aroused until she climaxes. Carissa is still struggling and now bathed in sweat (use a spray water bottle to get this effect). GG returns. She asks how Carissa is doing. Carissa is exhausted but happy. She tries to talk to Gigi through her gag but has very little luck making sense. It does seem that she wants to be untied as soon as possible but I have no intention of releasing my kinky captive ..

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