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It's been six long years since I've tied Fayth-on-Fire for an escape challenge. I won the bet in 2015 when Fayth was unable to escape. Of course Fayth accused me of cheating since I tied her elbows tightly together since it's near to impossible to escape from an elbow tie. I promise not to bind her elbows this go round and start with tying her wrists behind her back. We banter back and forth as I tie her legs together. Once her legs are bound I stand Fayth up and add a very tight crotch rope splitting her pussy in two as I bury the rope into her ass. I tie it down to her wrists leaving the knot somewhat accessible so she has a chance. I put Fayth onto her knees to strap the ballgag into her mouth. Then I add a chest harness and I lay her on the floor finishing her off in a nice tight hogtie. I walk away leaving Fayth to struggle to loosen the bondage and escape. Fayth wiggles and manuevers her bound body rolling back and forth until she's able to loosen some of the bondage. I see this and am afraid she may win this challenge so I get my husband Jim Hunter to apply nipple clamps on Fayth's tits which will prevent her from rolling onto her belly. It's now even more difficult for Fayth to win the challenge while she's stuck struggling helplessly on her back.

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