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After a long evening of grueling bondage in the old warehouse Gigi brings her naked prey back to the house. Slyyy's arms are still fused behind her back in a massive amount of rope, she is beginning to forget what her hands look like. Her long slender legs are still fused together with miles of rope as well, all her joints ache and are rubbed raw from being tied for so long. She still wears the shiny black harness gag but still tries to beg and plead through the gag for mercy. But she is now beginning to realize that Gigi sees her as a sex object instead of a fellow girl. Gigi then makes her hop around the house to the guest bedroom. Slyyy struggles to hop as each hop causes her joints to rub painfully against each other. She bends her over the bed and starts to feel her up and finger Slyyy's pussy. Then Gigi decides that the guest bed isn't quite big enough for her. She pulls Slyyy back to her feet and makes her painfully hop back across the house to the master bedroom. Gigi then tie poor Slyyy to the bed so that she has easy access to her pussy and ass. Slyyy's arms are still fused together with her elbow jutting put and her bound wrists pulled up to just below her shoulder blades. A rope is attached to the top of her harness gag and pulled back to her strictly bound elbows. Her long lean legs are hanging off the side of the bed and spread wide apart. Ropes anchor her thighs to the bed, her knees are tied and tethered to the bed rails as well as her ankles. A strict crotch rope is buried deep in her pussy. Gigi comes back to taunt, tease and vibes her sexy captive. She spanks poor Slyyy with a hair brush the her hand before grabbing her wand vibrator and stimulates her pussy to orgasm. Once she has her captive pussy warmed up, dripping wet and ready she decide to take it to the next phase.

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