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Slyyy is a sexy MILF who was introduced to a guy who is younger than her step-son. They become friends and she doesn't suspect he secretly desires her. One day he invites her to his house and she arries with her long untied wearing jeans and a crop top with sunglasses. They greets her at the door and invites the slim busty beauty in. He tells her he is interested in bondage and wants to tie his girlfriend but he needs a woman to practise his skills. Slyyy trusts him since he is so young and agrees to be his test subject. He asks her to remove her top as it is easier to tie her bare arms. He ties her wrist and elbows tightly behind her back and cleave gags her. He then asks Slyyy to go to his bedroom and sit on bed. He removes her jeans and leaves in her panties then ties her legs and thighs. The next thing she knows he removes her bra and changes her gag to a thick cloth cleave. She realizes his intention when he starts groping her big tits. She tries to move away but winds up laying on the bed helpless and tightly bound. He leaves her to struggle ...

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