10:25 video

~Gigi~ with Kelliann

bondage, DiD, rope bondage, MILF bondage, tied up, gagged girl, tied elbows, crushed elbows, shiny, high heels, bound walking, rope leash, BDSM


Private detective Kelliann shines her flashlight into the gloomy basement. Her informant has told her that the heiress Gigi could probably be found in the old abandoned factory building at the edge of town. It was dark and creepy in the basement of the old building as she searched in the dark for her quarry. She had been hired Gigi's family to help find her but after doing some investigating Kelliann had come to the conclusion that maybe there was more profit in changing the plan a bit and collecting the ransom herself. She was about to give up the search when she heard a muffled scream and crying. She found a light switch and turned on a dull bulb and there she was tied up in a tight little package across the room Gigi stood in her stilettos with her arms cruelly tied behind her back. A rope leash was tied to an old beam over her head and black material was wrapped around her head over her mouth to keep her quiet. Gigi screamed in relief when she saw Kelliann instead of her captors. But her relief turned to horror as she realized that Kelliann wasn't going to untie her arms. She did untie the rope from the beam but used the rope now as a leash to drag Gigi behind her. Kelliann laughed when she saw the look of horror in Gigi's eyes. Then to her surprise Gigi began to fight back and landed a lucky kick to Kelliann's knee. Gigi breaks away with Kelliann in limping pursuit. But there was no where Gigi could run and she couldn't see where she was going in the dark and with her arms still cruelly tied behind her back she could run very fast. Kelliann catches up with her and scoops up her leash in her hand. She will be more careful with the wench this time as she tugs at the rope pulling a still resistant Gigi behind her.

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