10:28 video

Natalie Charm & Sexy Slyyy

Girlfriends Natalie and Slyyy have been hanging out poolside. Natalie has always wanted to try out some bastinado play and Slyyy is more than happy to oblige. While Natalie lays back, Slyyy caresses her feet, feeling out their sensitivity. She pulls out a bamboo stick and rubs its across Natalie's soles. She smacks it against the ball of her foot a couple times, then heel before testing out the other foot. Natalie gasps with each whack, feeling the sting. It feels different but she is realizing she likes it. Slyyy varies the momentum, focusing on one spot at a time letting the pain build up. Natalie handling the warmup very well, Slyyy gives her a little break and begins licking her soft, tender soles. Natalie moans enjoying the soothing sensation of her moist tongue gliding up her soles. As Slyyy begins to suck her toes, she starts whacking her feet again, blending the pleasure and pain. Both are really getting into this new play time as Natalie winces and moans. Slyyy begins beating her feet rhythmically, and just when Natalie seems she can't take anymore, Slyyy dives back in to soothe her soles. Long licks up her soles, twirling her tongue around her toes, Natalie is nearing orgasm. She continues to beat and lick them, eventually massaging her feet. The massage is brief though as Slyyy pulls her toes back, stretching her feet and begins lashing them with the cane. Natalie's moans continue to pick up as the bastinado and foot worship is such a turn on. She suggests they move their play into the bedroom and the girls walk off to do just that. 

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