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Home after a long day, Natalie goes right to the hosiery she left laid out on her sofa. All day she has been looking forward to playing with them. She grabs a pair of pantyhose and gives it a good stretch. Immediately she grabs a few more, buries her face in them and breathes in the scent of her nylon addiction. Unable to wait any longer, she takes ff her high heels and strips out of her dress, unveiling the sheer tan pantyhose she's been wearing. She picks a pair to start with, stretching them and gliding them over her breasts as she moans. She proceeds to slide her arm into one of the legs, almost mesmerized by the feel as the nylons start to encase her arm inch by inch. Carefully slipping her other arm in, she then slips her head into wear the crotch was removed, wearing the pantyhose like a sweater. After getting her full breasts squished into the hose, she grabs another pair for her legs and pulls them on. She takes a moment to just feel herself and the hosiery become one. Smiling and moaning, she is both delighted by the feel and the sound of the nylon friction. Grabbing a pair of thigh high stockings, she gives her legs a third layer. The tight stockings piled on squeezing her just right. She begins rubbing her encased hands all of her legs and body, breathing heavier as she touches herself teasingly. She throws her head back, moaning in ecstasy, biting her lip. This is her happy place. She drifts the day away enjoying the feelings and sounds of her encasement.

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