Bound & soaked in the shower in her silk night gown

7:57 video

I woke up laying on the cold stone floor of my shower tightly bound and gagged. Wearing my silk evening gown, heels and hose I can feel the cruelly ropes biting deep into my elbows, wrists and ankles. A huge ball gag  has been pushed between between my teeth and strapped in tight. Ropes circle my elbows and wrists fusing my arms together behind my back. More ropes are wound around myy shoulders, chest and back pinning my upper arms to my back. I look down to she my ankles are tightly bound. I struggle desperately to crawl out of the shower stall but the edge around the shower is a little to high and I has difficultly getting over it. The Hunter comes back and discovers my feeble escape attempt and puts a stop to that. He ties a rope around my neck then tethers my by the neck to the overhead shower rod. He then turns on the shower soaking me in my silk gown with cold water. I scream and cry into my gag trying to get out of the path of the water. The Hunter comes back in a little while and changes my position so that I am laying on the floor of the shower goat roped with the rope around my neck pulled down to my ankles. My ankles are pulled up to my ass. And the shower keeps running, soaking me in my silk gown as I keep screaming and crying into my gag. 

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