10:07 video

~Natalie Charm & Sexy Slyyy~

Natalie Charm has been invited for an interview with the homeowners association of a upscale gated community. She sits and waits, figuring once she passes this part she can move in. Slyyy enters and they greet each other, but that changes when Natalie realizes Slyyy is competition. Natalie doesn't know, but this hasn't been Slyyy's first try. A wealthy retired philanthropist beat her out before and this time she came prepared to make sure she gets in. Natalie turns from friendly to giving a bit of an attitude referring to Slyyy as competition to which Slyyy laughs and points out a huge hole in her stockings, making her look foolish. Natalie is bummed but lucky for her, Slyyy carries extra pantyhose and offers her the pair in her purse. Natalie super excited, takes the nylons and replaces hers. As she is putting them on, Slyyy starts to sniff Natalie. This ticks Natalie off but Slyyy assures her she was looking out for her and noticed she must have forgotten perfume, she was smelling a little blah. She swoops in and starts applying perfume to Natalie who is taken aback, but then realizes it smells really nice. Settling back down, the ladies chat a bit. Natalie begins to scratch. Soon the scratching turns to digging as she is itching all over. She accuses Slyyy and begins ripping her clothes off to itch more. Slyyy encourages her to put the clothes back on before the head of the association show up. She puts her clothes back on and rips the off again at times, unable to stop itching. As she tries to get dressed again, the head of the association shows up. Natalie is embarrassed, itching, and grabs her stuff, running off. With only one candidate now, guess Slyyy can finally got in.

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