24:31 video

~Whitney Morgan~

Whitney Morgan is doing a warm up stretch in her sweats and socks. Suddenly a hand clasps over her mouth as her eyes widen and she gasps. She is over powered by a sexy intruder, clad in black spandex.That intruder is Gigi and she needs the documents that she came for. Whitney now heavily bound has no idea who she is or what docs she is talking about. She starts getting mouthy with Gigi while protesting her actions. Gigi stuffs socks into Whitney's mouth and tapes it shut. She heads off to find out where Whitney's husband may have hid the important files. Whitney groans and struggles hard agaisnt the ropes, making her way to the floor. Twisting, turning and flexing her body, trying to break free. After a while, Gigi returns having found everything she needed and proceeds to hogtie the fiesty blonde. Whitney's friend Natalie Charm enters the house to see the commotion and is ordered to sit. Gigi tells Natalie that she is a personal trainer that Whitney hired and what she is witnessing is the new Ultimate Workout. It looks intense and it is, but the results that she will get within in hour surpass any other workout regime. Natalie gets super excited for Whitney and helps Gigi finish tying her. Gigi makes her exit leaving Natalie to make sure Whitney sticks to the workout. Whitney thrashes around groaning and screaming but her packed and sealed mouth muffles anything she tries to tell her friend. Natalie can't wait to get back home and try the new workout herself and leaves Whitney in her struggles. Whitney works effortlessly to get the ropes loosened, pissed at what has happened and how simple her friend is for not realizing the obvious.

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