Strung up and abandoned in the attic

7:21 video

Left bound and gagged in her attic I could hear people down stairs. I pulled at the ropes crushing my arms tightly together behind her back and screams into my gag for help. But with my wrists pulled up and tied to one metal bar bolted to the rafters in a strict strappado there was no escape. I knew I had to get the attention of someone downstairs to rescue me from the terrible predicament the Hunter left me in, so I stomp my feet screaming into my gag. But the attention I attact is the Hunter's as he comes back up into the attic. I screams and cries desperately into her gag but he has no intention of releasing me from his cruelly tight bondage. He has come to put a stop to my stomping around. I can only watche in horror as he ties a long rope around my knee then runs the rope up over my shoulder and through the rope around her elbows. My leg is then lifted up so that my knee is pulled up to my chest. I am made to stand on one high heel shoe as he wraps the rope under my knee and around my back. Once he finishes tying my knee he wraps a rope around my raised ankle and pulls it back and ties it off to my elbow ropes as well. He turns to leave poor me is dire straights. I can barely move now and for sure can no longer stomp my feet. Satified that I wouldn't be able to attact attention he goes back down stairs. I scream, sob and cry into the gag, but all hope is lost, I realize that I will not be rescued and escape is out of the question.

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