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it's been a long day with all those bratty school kids and I am ready to relax.  i grab a cup of coffee and sit down at the laptop in the teacher's lounge.  i start browsing the internet as i always do to unwind some of the day's tension.  let's see, a little bondage porn might do the trick.  i find some good sexy hot pictures of women bound oh so tightly with large gags in their mouths and i begin to fantasize.  mmmmmmmmmm.  suddenly my daydream ins interpted by the clump clump feet o the bald janitor.  he is practically on top of me.  WTF??? He is looking over my shoulder at the image on the screen and tells me i can be fired for perving porn on school property.  The nerve!!!!  He is a freaking janitor  - it's not his place to tell me - a tenured teacher - what i can and cannot do.  He starts asking me if I am into what's on the screen and calling me perverted.  He makes some lame excuse why he came into the teacher's lounge and i dismiss him.  Abruptly he grabs me and pulls me out of my chair.  He roughly clasps his big hairy hand over my mouth to silence my screams.  I try to fight but I am no match for him!!!   He drags me into the janitor supply garage threatening to give me what I was looking for on the internet.  Oh noooooooooo!!!!  The next thing i know  my body is helplessly and hopelessly bound so cruelly on top of the dirty janitor daybed - elbows crushed  together with rope beneath me..  I am bound so strictly and painfully that I can't even roll around or move anything but my head.  He roughly shoves a dirty shop rag into my mouth and wraps my head over and over to silence me - soon all I can do is mmmppphhh through the large mouth stuffing gag. What is he planning now!!!  My heart begins to race and i am sweating profusely through my satin blouse.  The bondage is so painful and restrictive.  How dare he!!!  Does he not know i am a teacher and he is a stupid janitor.  To my surprise, the next thing I know he extracts a large hitachi magic wand from out of nowhere and shoves it between my legs underneath my bound body.  He is laughing and taunting me as i feel the beginning of arousal creeping into my body.  This can't be happening.  I refuse to take pleasure in his tormenting and torture.  but my body betrays me and i begin to orgasm over and over.  He comes over to the bed and holds the vibrator shoved right against my oor helpless clit and jacks it up to high speed.  I can't help but to cum again ... and again .. and again.  He leaves me there alone of the bed suffering.

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