with Briella Jaden:   I've been scoping out the neighborhood for several days and decide tonight is the night to burglarize a certain home.  I put on my shiny PVC black catsuit and tip toe into the yard peeking into the windows to make sure no one is home before I break in.  All of a sudden I bump into a long egged blonde cat burglar who grabs me and holds a knife up to myy throat.  WTF is she doing at my score?  She threatens to slice me if I makke a bad move and she wraps her arm around my throat and XXXX me into the empty home.  We wrestle like vying opponents on the floor as she attempts to gain control of the situation.  My legs kick at her and I try to get one leg up and over her head.  She is exerting all her strength to keep me down to tie me up and I grab the knife out of her hand.  I'm no match for this young catburglar but I give it my all and we continue to scrapple and roll around the floor as she binds my hands behind my back.  She pulls the zipper down exposing my breasts in my bra and begins to slap and grope me.  I'm losing the battle when my legs are ultimately frogtied by the bitch and now I am fighting with all I've got.  I can no longer kick and my rival grabs a dirty rag off the floor and shoves it into my mouth.  She wraps silver duct tape around my head many times to silence my cursing mouth.  She sits on top of me and applies a ridiculously tight rope around my waist cinching it so I can hardly breath.  This catburglar isn't messing around when she pulls the rope between my pussy lips and up through my ass laughing and taunting me the entire time.  This brutal fight isn't over until she grabs the duct tape again and wraps it around and around my eyes leaving me blindfolded and rolling around the floor while she makes the score on the house.

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