I am just a lonely older MILF with nothing to do all day.  I keep making excuses to go over to the house next door to see what's up at my neightbors.  Bella is a tall long leggy young and gorgeous blonde who lives with her daddy.  Today I ring the bell because my electric went out.  Bella answers in the skimpiest short shorts over with neon yellow shoes and a hot sexy midriff top.  She takes me into their garage to see the circuit box and all of a sudden her old daddy grabs me in a brutal throat hold and drags me onto a chair.  Bella sits on me while he crushes my elbows together with rope.  She is taunting and threatening me and is getting alot of pleasure out of my fear.  Her daddy ties my wrists and secures them to the chair.  Bella is laughing as she soves a huge filthy shop rag into my mouth.  She wraps silver duct tape around and around my poor head and I am freaking the fuck out.  Bella smacks me across the face several times to settle me down as her daddy binds my ankles to the wooden chair.  I am scared out of my mind and sobbing through the gag.  Bella walks behind me and starts fucking with the chair.  Then she unzips my blouse and pulls out my tits. All the time her daddy is over in the corner watching with his hand down his pants!!!!  These two are insane!!!  My ears are ringing and my head is spinning from Bella Lovez smacking me across the face and now she is slowly walking over and gets up really really close and shows me two pair of nipple clamps.  I am shaking.  One pair is attached to my nipples and I think that hurts so badly until she clamps my nostrils with the second pair!!!!!!!  OMG noooooooooo!!!   Bella is getting off on torturing me and she leaves me tied securely on the chair sceraming into my gag while she goes to make daddy dinner.

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