Jim Hunter is always glued to the television set.  24/7 with the History Channel, old movies and political news.  Uuuuggghhh!!  He tells me to get dressed up in a sexy mini dress and strappy stiletto heels and promises to take me out for dinner.  I am all prettied up and ready and where's the Hunter???   You guessed it - lounging on the couch mesmerized by the TV.  Jim!!!!  Come on - let's go.  But noooooooo - Jim is much too relaxed and into the movie on television to make a move.  Wait a minute he says.  I climb onto his lap to try to coax him to get up and out the door, but he won't budge.  Apparently sick of hearing my whining, he grabs me in a choke hold with his hairy arm around my throat and cinches my elbows together behind my back.  He wrestles me to my knees and ties my ankles - all with one eye on the television.  Wait Jim - no fair - you promised to take me out.  Jim laughs and shoves a huge red ball gag into my mouth.  He puts me on the coffee table and into a severe uncomfortable hogtie.  He gets back on the couch in his tv watching mode and puts his legs up resting his feet on me!  I am still bitching and complaining under the ballgag so Jim finally gets off his lazy ass and attaches nipple clamps to my exposed tits.  He entertains himself by pulling on them making my squirm on the coffee table without leaving his perch on the couch!  I never got the dinner and that's why this clip is called Jim Hunter is such an asshole!!!!!!!!!!!

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