26:09 video

I come home from work and realize someone has been tearing apart my house.  I see clothing strewn all over the floor and I know a burglar has broken in.  I get scared and try to run out, but the big masked man catches me at the door and holds a pistol up to my head.  I've never been so frightened and I begin to beg him to go.  He marches me into the livingroom and grabs a handful of speaker wire.  He pushes me down onto the couch and XXXX me to brutally bind my legs from ankles to thighs with the speaker wire.  It is so painful and I am sobbing like a baby.  Next he crushes my elbows together and binds my arms from the elbows to the wrists with the brutally tight wire.  He shoves a ball gag into my mouth and wraps silver duct tape around my head silencing my screams.  The burglar searches my body and finds a handful of hundred dollar bills stuffed in my bra. He grabs more speaker wire and bends my bound kness up securing me in an excruciating hogtie. He searches my home for more and leaves after finding my stock and bond portfolio.  I am sobbing - bound on the floor when I hear a noise.  I think it is my husband and I start to struggle and roll to get his attention.  Oh NO!!!! It is not my husband, it is another burglar entering through the patio holding a large shiny knife in his gloved hand.  His face is distorted by the stocking cap and only makes him more menacing.  When he realizes that another burglar was here first he says there is nothing left for him to take and he will take me.  He unties the hogtie wire and savagely cuts off my dress with the knife.  I am shaking and scared out of my mind.  This burglar is insane!!  He threatens me with his gutteral voice and continues to cut off my bra and pantyhose.  I try to resist but he holds the sharp knife against my throat.   He lifts and carries me over to the end of the couch and I hear him unzipping his pants.  This can't be happening to me.  He moves my satin panties out of the way and lunges on top of me and invades my body.  I feel him grunting and pushing himself into me and I am so scared and humiliated.  He finishes on top of me and leaves me crying.  I have no idea how much time passes until my husband finally arrives home to find me.

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