19:15 video

I'm dressed for a party in a long elegant sequined dress withh a side split showing off my legs and tightly tied fetish sandles.  My hair is done in a beautiful updo and I can't wait for the night to begin.  I decide it will be fun to surprise all the people attending the party to go with my arms strictly tied behind my back with rope crushing my arms froms elbows to wrists.  My date Jim Hunter puts a shawl over my shoulders so that the bondage is not immediately apparent to anyone.  We get into the ca.  He opens the car door for me and secures my body safely by securing the seat belt.  Off we go to have some fun with our friends!!!  By the time the night is winding down and I'm back home, I'm absolutely a little XXXX.  My arms completely numb from hours of having them brutally bound like this throughout the entire party.  I'm still wanting to drink and my date helps me to drink more wine while we talk and laugh about what a great evening it was.  Remembering all the comments about my tightly bound arms and the shoes with the straps exaggeratedly cutting deeply into my legs is starting to make me horny and I want to have some sexy fun with Jim.  Instead he decides I will stay like this all night long and he shoves a huge ballgag into my mouth to shut me up.  He's tired and wants no part of me right now.  I beg and implore him to untie me and promise to let him XXXX, but he is cranky and pissed off and wraps silver tape around my head many times and leaves me on the sofe like that while he goes to the bedroom to XXXX it off.  I struggle hard to get off the couch and onto my feet.  I am going to wake his lazy ass up and make him fuck me now!!!  I shake him and try my best to wake him up, but my efforts are useless.  He is snoring and sound asleep. I lie down next to him on the bed.  I realize that I am going to be XXXX to XXXX tied up in the painful bondage and gagged and taped and I sob into my gag until I finally drift off.

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