I arrive at the airport after a long business trip and my car service is not there to pick me up. I descend the elevator in my stiletto high heels and skin tight black pencil skirt. Finally I see the sign with my name. The big burly driver immediately makes excuses for being late.  I am furious and I just want to get home. i follow him to the car ... what the hell is this dumpy black car you want me to get in? What happened to my limo? This car is disgusting - can't you see I am a business executive? I squeeze into the black seat and am immediately uncomfortable and annoyed - no leg room, no refreshments. To make matters worse the driver informs me he has another client to pick up. A ride share - never!!! I am appalled at the lack of VIP treatment I am receiving. I continue bitching and complaining as the other fare gets into the car. This is not up to my expectations and you will be fired I scream at the driver. All of a sudden I feel a huge arm wrap around my throat and begin to choke me. The driver turns around and encourages the bald bastard  to make me shut up. He puts his hand over my mouth and I fight like a lion to get him off me as we depart the airport. The backseat is small and this man is way too strong. He yanks me over his lap and pulls out a huge rag. His big hairy hands force my mouth open and he shoves the rag deep into my throat. I continue to kick and punch him but my efforts are futile. He wraps vet wrap around and around my head silencing me and finishes it off by layering it over my eyes so I am both gagged and blindfolded. I still try to fight him off but it is becoming difficult to breath. He forces my arms behind my back and crushes my elbows together binding them painfully with rope. I feel my wrists being cinched next.  He grabs my tits and man handles me - groping and feeling my body. I still continue to kick him so he ropes up my ankles binding them together. The ride is long - ten miles of punitive torment. I am left half in his lap and half of my bound body on the car floor n the backseat moaning, struggling and suffering while the driver eggs him on laughing and mocking me.  The ten mile ride home feels like an eternity as I helplessly struggle in the painful bondage ...

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