My husband and I just adore sexy young girls.  We place an advertisement for a nanny on Craigs List offering a great opportunity for a young coed looking for a nice way to earn money.   The doorbell rings and this time we stuck gold!!!!!!!  In walks tall leggy brunette Lexy Mae with show stopping blue eyes.  Dominic Wolfe and I wink at each other and offer to show her the state of the art nursery in our garage.  The young dumb bitch falls for it, hook line and sinker.  Dominic grabs her arms behind her throat and I hold a blade up to her long neck to silence her screams.  Her perky tits and nipples are showing through the skiin tight little dress she wears and I pull it up exposing her bright yellow satin panties.  Dominic crushes her elbows together binding them painfully and cinches her wrists.   His hand over her mouth isn't shutting the bitch up so I grab a huge pair of size 11 satin grannie panties and shove the entire wad into her mouth.  Dominic keeps her quiet by wrapping way too many layers of vet wrap around her head.  Lexy Mae is beginning to realize she's fucked and that I am just a kinky MILF who gets off on all this.  Dominic is more than happy to keep me content by abusing and tieing up these young sluts.  I pull out her pretty little titties and continue to taunt her while he continues to wrap rope around her sexy legs crossing her ankles and binding them brutally tight.  I hug and kiss her while she moans and groans.  I grope and manhandle her supple young body while Dominic finishes off with a nice tight balltie.  I leave poor defenseless Lexy Mae tied on the cot while I go off to be with my husband.  Yes darlin' this is what keeps our marraige alive!!!!

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