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I relunctantly agree to have dinner with my son's newest girlfriend leggy redhhead Lauren Kiley.  She immediately gets on my last nerve by addressing me as "Momma Gi".  WTF???  You are not married to him missy - I'm not your momma.  Uuugghhh her kitchen is a total mess.  She is preparing dinner out of cardboard boxes and serving in plastic dinnerware!  This is not acceptable for me and my son.  And then I spot her sex toys on the kitchen counter!!  No!! You are not good enough for my precious son.  Lauren hands me a cocktail in a cheesy red plastic cup and I gulp it down hoping that it will take the edge off what is starting out to be a disasterous evening.  Oh boy ... my head begins to spin and I'm feeling terribly woozy and drowsy.  She manages to get me to the couch and everything becomes black.  I come to on the floor with the bitch straddling my head and shoving a rag into my mouth.  What is going on??  She smacks my face and hands me a roll of silver duct tape and begins to wrap layers and layers around my head.  I'm awake now and I try to fight the young girl off me but the effects of the drink take over and I find myself face down on the dirty floor enveloped in darkness again.  When I regain my bearings I find that my arms are behind my back zip tied tightly together and Lauren holding another zip tie cinching my ankles tightly.  She pulls my red satin dress up exposing my panties and pantyhose and smacks my Italian ass.  The redhead slut sits on top of me and adds another zip tie to my elbows.  She's laughing at my humiliation and zips me into a hogtie!!!  I'm struggling and bucking and rolling around her dirty carpet and leggy miss Lauren Kiley is getting off on all this.  She whips out her cordless Hitachi Magic Wand and puts it up against my pussy.  The vibrations are so strong and I feel my body betray me by responding.  OMG!!!  I want to cum and now the bitch takes the vibrator away.  She taunts me and tells me if I ever want to cum again now I will have to pay her!!!  I am almost ready to cum and I can't help but struggle to reach the wand and get off.  I need to cum and I need to cum NOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!  Watch Lauren taunt and tease me mercilessly giving me pleasure and yanking it away right at the point of orgasm.

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