13:15 video

What the fuck are you doing???  You are cutting a hole in my wall!!  What are you - incompetent??  Stop!! Just stop and call your damn foreman!!!  I'm paying you guys a ton of money for remodeling my kitchen and I demand you clean your mess now!!!  I'm not paying for this.  Here's a rag - just clean this debris and get out!!!  We're not cleaning anything he says and suddenly the big brawny carpenter grabs my arms behind my back holding me while the foreman shoves to cleaning rag deeply into my mouth.  Here you go bitch they say and he wraps multiple layers of duct tape around and around my head.  I kick and buck and punch, but I'm no match for the strength of two men!!  The carpenter Anthony Peters chokes me and smacks my ass groping my tits and roughly manhandling me every way possible while the foreman ropes up my elbows crushing them together behind my back.  I begin to sob through my gag and grunt fiercely bucking my body to stop themm, but my efforts are futile.  I feel my makeup running down my face when the carpenter grabs my head and applies many more layers of duct tape!!  He continues to abuse me while the foreman binds my thighs tightly together restricting my movement and efforts to kick.  He pulls my pencil skirt up around my waist and they take turns smacking my ass.  The foremen Jim Hunter laughs and tells his employee to have his way with me.  Get a piece of her before we leave.  OMG!!! Nooooooooooo!!!!  The carpenter bends me over the counter and rips open my pantyhose.  I hear him pulling down his zipper and he savagely fucks me while his foreman holds me head steady.  I sob in fear and humiliation.  He grunts and zips up and they shove me down on the floor.  They bind my ankles and tie my stiletto high heels onto my feet.  My satin panties are still pulled down over my hips and I fear for my life.  He pulls some rope up through my pussy lips and between my ass cheeks and yanks it up until I scream - the crotchrope is so intense and unbearable.  They tie me in a brutal hogtie and roll me over.  The ropes cut deeply into my skin and the bondage is so painful that I begin to feel the faint.  I think they will leave and my ordeal will be over.  I scream for help through the gag and the foreman returns to humiliate and hurt me even more.  He pulls up my sweater exposing my tits and applies clothes pins onto my nipples.  The pain is unbearable and he rolls me onto my belly and toss some debris and dirt on top of me for one last torment before leaving me rolling around and futilely struggling.  

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