My neighborhood is getting bad.  New people moving in all the time and they are total low life trash.  Cars up and down the streets all night long and low class looking bimbos walking around.  I go to my back yard and find my newest neighbor Rachel in her skimpy daisy dukes smoking a cigarette and messing around with some long electrial extension cords.  The dumb bleach blonde booted bitch is trying to steal my electricity!!  WTF!!!  Alright missy, I've had enough of your kind of trailer trash in my neighborhood.  I'm on the HOA and I looked you up when you moved in.  You have a record as long as my arm and if you don't cooperate, I'm calling the cops on your ass!!  I make her strip her belly baring t-shirt and bare her huge DD tits.  You're going to learn a lesson today you slutty thing.  I cinch her elbows together painfully behind her back leaving her arms to flail like little flippers.   Awwww is this the extension cord you were using darlin'???  I jack her up against a tree and secure her body to the tree with the cord.  Getting comfy Rachelle?  You'll be out here all night long.  I rope up her booted feet and secure her ankles tightly to the tree.  Afraid of going back to jail honey?  Once I'm done with you, you'll be begging to move out of my neighborhood!!!!  I grab the rag she has shoved in her short shorts pocket and shove it into her big mouth.  Get it in bitch!!!  I wrap her head over and over with silver duct tape.  Look at you now - we can't hear you crying poverty anymore.  Too broke to pay your electric bill, but not too broke to get those huge fake tits!!!!  I add a neck rope XXXX the blonde's head back to the tree.  Is that too tight??  I hope so!!!  I grab some cardboard out of the firepit and create a sign to adorn her look - Mother Fucking Thief!!!  I watch her struggle as I walk off to plug the electrical cord in.  Don't sweat and drool and get yourself wet babydoll or you'll get the shock of your life!!!!

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