Alexandria leaves the house under the premise of going shopping.  Her husband leaves soon after to go to work leaving me, her secretary, alone to finish a project on the computer.  After a few minutes the doorbell rings.  I open the door to find a mischevious Alexandria smiling coyly with her wrists handcuffed behind her back.  She kisses me and dangles the keys.  We have been waiting all day for her husband to leave so that we can make love and play while he is at work.  It's so hard to arrange our secret rondevous since he is so jealous.  I start to tease Alexandria kissing and carressing her gorgeous ripe body.  I touch her big tits and kiss the nipples and pull out my tits.  I feel her excitement as she strokes my legs and touches my pussy.  I play with her wet pussy and admire her tiny little g-string that she wore just to turn me on!!  She sucks my small tits and makes my nipples hard as rock.  We decide to take things to the bedroom for more.  I tease her with the keys and whisper in her ear!  he teases me with another surprise - a nice big red ballgag for our sex time!!  Suddenly the door opens and her big burly husband bargs in catching us making out.  He grabs me and XXXX me on the floor holding me down between his legs.  Alexandria and I deny everything and try to convince him to stop.  He shoves her down on the couch and takes some twine brutally binding my elbows together behind me back.  The thin twine cuts deeply into my arms and I begin to beg.  It hurts so bad!!  I can't do this!!!  I beg his forgiveness and try to blame the affair on Alexandria, but she just sits there on the couch talking sweetly to him.  She tries to get him to take her to the bedroom, but he continues to bind me with the thin rough twine.  He shoves me down onto the floor and puts the big red ballgag deeply into my mouth and I immediately begin to drool all over the rug.  The bald bastard crosses my ankles and binds me with the twine from my ankles all the way up my thighs cinching each wrap so tight that my skin is bulging between the bondage.  I sob and beg Alexandria for help, but she is no fool and sits on the couch in shock at my painful predicament - afraid to intervene lest he starts the same punishment on her.  I struggle and roll on the floor trying to get some relief from the pain.  He bends down again and adds layer upon layer upon layer of duct tape across my face shoving the ballgag even deeper into my open jaw.  As it that wasn't enough, her sadistic husband adds nipple clamps to my nipples and I scream in agony.  Alex is in shock!!  I'm putting the pig in a hogtie he says - the pain is unbearable.  My arms and legs are numb and my nipples are in excruciating pain.  He grabs his wife and literally pulls her across the floor and into the garage.  He strings Alexandria up to the ceiling her handcuffed wrists high over her head.  He XXXX a ballgag into her begging mouth and wraps her head with silver duct tape.  She kicks at him and struggles in her high heels, but he crosses her legs and begins to rope them up impossibly tight from her upper thighs all the way down to her ankles.  Alexandria sways in the bondage trying hard to keep her balance.  She is drooling so profusely that it drips all over him, but her husband doesn't care about the pain and humiliation he is causing!  Eventually he decides to leave us both like this overnight to suffer for our deception.  

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