Young PI Chi Chi Medina accompanies me to a crime scene in an industrial auto shop. The crime scene tape is all around as we tip toe in to do our own investigation despite the recent police activity.  I begin to teach the young hot Latina how to maneuver around a crime scene to obtain new clues when we take notice of a pick up truck has been left in the open bay door.  Suddenly we are ambushed from behind by two huge burly men each of them grabbing one of us in a brutal choke hold.  Both of us are held with a hand over mouth silencing our screams.  One of the thugs bends me over the truck bed and binds my elbows crushing them painfully together while the other unsavory man shoves a huge dirty shop rag into poor ChiChi's mouth securing it with may many layers of vet wrap.  All poor defenseless young Chi Chi can do is to grunt and moan beneath the huge gag while the big man is binding her elbows and wrists.  She tries to kick out, but he quickly ties up her ankles welding her stiletto high heels on with rope.  I am on the filthy floor with the blue eyed bastard as he continues to subdue me with more and more rope.  I manage to get my top teeth out from under the gag and I scream for help.  He quickly ends that by adding silver duct tape massively gagging me.  Chi Chi is now on the cement floor laying next to me sobbing through her gag as the creepy bad guy continues tieing up the gorgeous Hispanic girl ending with a tight hogtie.  The two thugs pick up her hogtied body and throw her into the truck bed.  My eyes widen in complete terror as I see them approach me and double team me lifting my bound body and throwing me into the bed of the pick up right next to Chi Chi.  We are both painfully hogtied as the two burly con men jump into the truck and drive away with the two of us rolling around the bed of the truck filled with fear.  

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