I tiptoe into the five star hotel room stealth and sneaky hoping to make a big score.  I bend over into the closet to crack the safe and am ambushed by a female arm and gloved hand wrapped tightly around my throat.  I kick and fight to get her off, but she is much stronger than I am and she wrestles me down into a chair.  The Italian cat burglar is silent as she shoves a huge rag into my mouth and quickly wraps my head with many layers of silver duct tape.  I struggle with all my might kicking furiously, but she is fast and strong.  She binds my elbows together behind my back cinching them brutally tight.  Without missing a beat the black masked bitch adds ropes above and below my chest securing my body to the chair.  She takes pleasure in exposing my breasts and groping them tightly as she ties my bound wrists to the chair ensuring I cannot get up.  I kick at her, but my kicks are useless and she continues to tie me up - fast and furious and silent.  This Italian thief is brutal!  She lifts my booted feet off the ground and binds each ankle to the chair and within a second wraps a rope tightly around my waist and yanks it up and deeply into my pussy - the crotchrope splitting me in two.  Every rope is pulled tightly making me grunt and scream beneath the gag but I am gagged so effectively that no one can hear me!  I think she is finished tormenting me but I am wrong.  There is so much rope on me that I can't move anything at all except my head.  Lorna Rope is still not satisfied and she pulls my head all the way back and ties my ponytail to the back of the chair.  I can't move at all!!  Lorna rubs her gloved hands on my face and grabs her bag.  She leaves me bound and helpless in the Italian villa.

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