Goddess Rachel DD is a cruel dominatrix known for making grown men cry and beg.  She's been draining my poor step-son's wallet and he is too submissive to end things with her.  I leave him in the car while I show up for his session at her dungeon.  The busty bleach blonde opens the door wearing skin tight black PVC and stiletto high heel boots.  "crawl to me you fillthy maggot" she demands.  I use the element of surprise to zap her with my taser then wrap my arm around her throat and force the arrogant bitch to kneel down.  I grab a handful of her hair and yank her head up to look me in the eyes. Now she's even angrier and she hisses at me to let her go.  I grab the rope she planned on using in her session and begin to tie her arms behind the pole.  The haughty femdom still thinks she is in charge as she struggles and resists. I zap her again then bind her elbows together crushing them painfully around and behind the pole.  Once I've rendered her helpless I unzip her shiny black cat suit and expose her big tits groping and manhandling them roughly before frog tyings her legs tying each leg off to the bottom of the platform. I climb up and shove my pussy into her face and laugh when she gasps for air.  I lift up my high heel and force her to kiss my shoe. Rachel refuses to lick the soles of my shoes so I grab her tongue and put a clothes pin on it! Rachel screams and protests trying to speak. Next I orce the big ballgag into her mouth - she fights and spits but I buckle it in nice and tight. I lift my leg and press the heel of my stiletto into her gagged lips.  Before I leave I tighten the neck rope making the dominatrix even more submissive. I watch the arrogance slipping away as her arms go numb from the tight bondage. I leave Rachel bound, gagged and completely at the mercy of the next session client who won't be arriving until early morning ... 

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