12:24 video

I tip toe around the yard peeping into the windows and see pretty blonde house sitter Kendra XXXX on the couch - an empty bottle of wine by her side.  Perfect!!  She looks so young, sweet and innocent is her tiny denim skirt and midriff belly baring top.  I quietly crack open the door and sneak up on the dumb girl with a fast arm wrapped tightly around her neck.  Shhhhhhhh!!!  Don't say a word and you won't get hurt!  I'm here for the safe. Kendra's blue eyes open wide in fear as I place my hand over mouth.  I grab her arms and tie them behind her back while the poor young thing sobs and shakes.  Just stay calm little one and you'll be ok.  I bind her knees together and question her about where the safe is.  The dumb blonde bimbo furiously denies knowing where it is.  I've had enough of this - you won't talk, now you can't talk!!  I shove a rag into her mouth and wrap elastic bandage tightly around and around her pretty face.  I go off to find the safe and hear noise coming from the livingroom.  I see Kendra Lynne at the door frantically grasping the handle trying to get out!  Where do you think you're going missy?  I drag the bitch back and put her on the floor.  No more nice with you.  I grab more rope and tie her in a tight little ball.  Kendra sobs and cries beneath her gag, but it is too late for any pity on my end.  I add one more rope around her ankles yanking her feet up against her thighs exposing her panties and her cute young ass.  Roll around little girl and struggle, but you're not going anywhere now!

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