We run a money making chop shop and the local cops are paid off very well to let us operate without interference.  Apparently the police XXXX forgot to inform rookie cop Bianca and identifies a stolen vehicle parked outside.  I feign innocence and get rid of her but she pushes her way in the door questioning me.  I call my partner Anthony Peters the big brawly muscle behind the operation and instead of being intimidated the curvy rookie cop gets up in his face citing a 10-28!  Anthony sees red and strong arms her up against the wall slapping her own handcuffs on her wrists and wrestling her arms together behind her back and with a hand over mouth he getss her down on the floor.  Anthony straddles her binding her crossed ankles tightly while I cleave gag the the dumb young cop.  Bound lady cop Bianca rolls and struggles on the floor while we decide what to do with her.  Awwww what happened to your collar you pig!  Anthony yanks up her uniform exposing her round ass in a skimpy thong and adds a brutally tight crotch rope burying it deeply into her pussy and tying it off in a hogtie.  There you go cop tied like the pig you are!  I send Anthony off to get the truck and ungag Bianca.  I demand that she erase the citation and walk the other way, but the dumb rookie refuses to cooperate.  I leave her sobbing into her gag struggling on the dirty floor while we decide how to handle the problem.

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