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I've been assigned to solve a spree of robberies where the criminal leaves a calling card at the scene of the crime.  At the home of the latest victim and in detective mode I begin to imagine how the scene unfolded.  Leggy blonde Vicky Vixxx walks in the front door after a long day at work.  She enters her bedroom to take off her business suit and is attacked from behind by a masked man and thrown onto the bed struggling and kicking as he binds her elbows and wrists.  The villain drags a chair into the front room and sits Vicky on it.  He ties her ankles and knees and adds a tight cleave gag between her lips.  Vicky struggles and moans as he opens her blouse pulls out her breasts and gropes her.  Poor helpless Vicky Vixxx sobs and pleads in terror here mascara running down her face as the bandit pulls out a plastic bag.  He drops his calling card and leaves her.  I know I've re-created the crime in my mind and I sXXXX on my surgical gloves to check the vic's pulse.  I didn't hear him breathing behind me and he ambushes me slamming me down on the floor.  We wrestle but the masked man is much too strong for me.  You're getting too close Dectetive GiGi and I won't let that happen he threatens.  He crushes my elbows together with rope and begins to tie me in a very strict goat rope.  I XXXX and gasp as the rope around my throat begins to restrict me airflow.  I frantically roll around trying to get relief, but my efforts are futile.  

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