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Sound asleep in my bed and I hear the back door crack.  I grab the g under my pillow and hid off to the XXXX. Cat burglar Ginary tip toes into my room thinking the wad of bed covers was me XXXX.  The cat suited burglar finds a wad of cash under the mattress and thinks she hit pay dirt with this gig.  She bounces and lands flat on the empty bed scrambling through the quilt.  I jump up on top of her back and shove my g up in her face.  I grab a piece of rope and quickly crush her elbows behind her back cinching them tightly and Ginary grunts and grabs at me with her hands.  I shove the g between her lips jerking it in and out XXXX the bitch to suck.  This settles the pretty cunt down some - didn't you think this was too fucking easy.  I rope up her pussy yanking it into a nice camel toe while Ginary begs.  Awww aren't these some pretty tittties?  I manhandle her body while she kicks and bucks like a bronco.  Settle down missy and you'll be swallowing this whole!!  I cross her ankles and tie them up laughing at her begging and pleading for mercy.  I'm having way too much fun toying with the pretty girl.  I tell her she can keep the money and make her beg for my pussy as I climb on top of Ginary.  I grab a handle of her long dark hair and shove her face up into my pussy.  Ginary gasps for breath and thinks the ordeal is over.  Dumb bitch!!  Oh no little one, I need to make an example out of you.  I grab a pillow off the bed and hold it up in the air.  Poor helpless Ginary realizes her fate and screams as I slowly lower it down.

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