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I got home early from work and suprised the burglar as he rummaged through my home.  He had nothing to restrain me with so he tore out the wire he tore out from behind my entertainment center and began binding and gagging me with the thin wire.  The soft satin sleeves of my silk blouse provide little protection from the wire that he wrapped around my arms crushing my elbows completely together behind my back.  More wire was tied around my wrists and elbows rendering me helpless.  To keep me quiet he found a cleaning rag and a roll of clear tape, after stuffing the rag into my mouth he wrapped the tape around my head, between my lips, XXXX the rag deep into my mouth and spreading my jaws painfully open.  I can hear him in the back room going through my stuff as I struggle helplessly on the sofa - each movement causing the thin wire to saw deeper into my flesh.  I struggle to sit up and look around the room - I see my cell phone laying on a nearby end table.  I have no idea when the thug will return so I need to make my move now. I roll around onto my belly and maneuver my legs off the sofa and onto the floor.  I struggle up onto my knees and then crawl slowly across the carpet towards my phone. Every movement causes the wire to cut deeper into my ankles but I am determined and can't stop until I reach my cell.  I am soon looking down at my phone but with my arms so cruelly bound I can't reach up for the phone. Using my nose I slide the phone off the table and onto the floor, but I still can not reach the phone.  I am afraid I will fall over so I crawl the long painful distance back to the sofa and using it for leverage I slide back to the floor.  I lay on the floor in a pile of speaker wire that he had ripped out of the entertainment center, afraid that the brute might use the wire to bind me even tighter, I make a feeble attempt to hide the wire under the sofa.  I begin to panic - time might be running short so I roll around on the floor trying desperately to reach the phone with my numb fingers. I can't see behind me and can only feel around with my hands. Finally I'm able to reach the phone but can't unlock the screen and dail 911.  I manage to fliip the phone up over my body and near my face using my nose in a desperate attempt to unlock and dial the phone. My luck runs out as the brute returns and catches me.  He grabs the phone and throws it across the room!!  I scream and cry into my gag in frustration and pain as he grabs more of the wire I tried to hide.  He wraps it around my chest as I desperately try to roll away - but in the end I have no chance and soon the thin wire is wrapped around my chest and shoulders cutting deeply into my flesh.  The bastard pulls open my silk blouse exposing my tits and nipples groping me before pulling my ankles up behind me and attaches the wire from my chest and shoulders down to my bound heels and ankles putting me in an excruciating hogtie. I can feel the wire dig into my forearms as he wraps it tight. He gets up and leaves me painfully hogtied in the brutally tight speaker wire. I watch the brute from the floor as he leaves with all my valuables indifferent to my painful plight.  I roll around hogtied and helpless sobbing and crying into my gag, there is no hope of escape and I expect no one to find me for days. 

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