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I've been hired to investigate my client's partner Lela Beryl. There have been too many transactions and shady dealings and my client is determined to find out what is going on in their auto body business. I've been following Lela all week and I decide to check the industrial shop while she is out for the lunch. I tip toe into the paint room and everything is abandoned. I wonder what this shady bitch is up to. Suddenly I feel a g pressed up against my jugular and a hand over mouth in a choke hold. I freeze. Lela seizes me from behind and pushes me down on a steel table. I struggle to reach her piece and wind up cleave gagged. The bitch is quick - she ties my arms behind my back and secures me there by binding my ankles to the leg of the table. I go into survival mode and wiggle my arms frantically loosening the rope. I manage to untie myself and wait pressed up against the wall. I ambush the crooked bitch as she enters the room wrestling her body down onto a dirty mattress. We grapple and roll around but I am much stronger. I straddle the dumb bitch and quickly tie her up. Lela kicks furiously and bucks her body, but I press my full weight on top of her and shove a rag deeply into her big mouth securing it in tightly by wrapping duct tape around and around her pretty face. The fiesty bitch continues to kick and struggle with all her might but I finish her off in a crossed ankle hogtie. I rope up her pussy splitting it in two with a nice tight crotch rope. I leave the bitch silenced and struggling on the mattress while I continue what I was hired to do - my investigation into her wrong doing ...

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