Beautiful leggy blonde Private Investigator Nikki Brooks is trying to get some information about a woman for one of her clients. When she was sure the woman was gone for the day, she picked the lock and tiptoed into the woman's home so she could look for the information on her computer.  Nikki quickly backs up the data onto a flash drive.  I peak into the den and see her hovering over my laptop.  It turns out I am involved in some very suspicious activity and I don't need someone snooping around.  I sneak up behind her and press the wet rag over Nikki's face and I hold it tightly until she is limp on the floor.  She moans and breaths hard as I quickly rope up her elbows jamming them together behind her back.  I bind her ankles and cleave gag the broad.  What are you doing here and who sent you I ask the woman.  She refuses to answer so I reach into her bra and find out she is a Private Investigator.  What are you doing here and who sent you I demand.  Nikki still refuses to reply so I go off to get something to make her talk and when I get back into the den, I see the piles of rope.  The tall woman managed to escape the ropes and I find her running down the alley desperately trying to unlock the gate.  I march her back into the house and shove her down on the ground.  I need you to talk missy.  I cross her ankles and tie them together Indian style all the while groping her tits.  The bold brassy bitch begins to insult me and threaten me.  I laugh as I a tight crotch rope burying it deeply into her pussy splitting it in two.  I tie it off to her bound ankles and look for the flash drive.  Helpless Nikki struggles and rolls on the floor cursing me.  I search her body and find the flash drive in her panties.  I don't need you anymore doll.  I grab a thin leather cord and wrap it around her long neck.  Nikki's eyes widen in fear as I pull tightly and the reality of her fate becomes painfully apparent.

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