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I stalk by pretty prey sitting on her sofa chatting away like she hasn't a care in the world. But sexy debutante Terra isn't going to be making it to the ball tonight. She is totally oblivious to the danger as she hangs up her phone and heads to the garage. That was the oppurtunity I was waiting for as I jimmy the lock and slip inside her house. I follow her out to the garage and watch her look for her stiletto heels she wanted to wear to the ball. That is when I made my move, I grab the hapless debutante from behind and clamp my hand over her mouth. Yes, she will bring me a pretty penny in ransom. I bind poor Terra tightly to a chair in the hot garage, her elbows welded together in ropes. Sorry my dear but that thin satin fabric of her oprea length gloves won't protect her flesh from my brutally tight ropes. And her poor stocking feet, that nylon offers her scant protectioin from the biting ropes either. Her pretty toes barely touch the floor as she struggles bound and gagged to the chair, she sobs and cries into her gag as I explain to her that as soon as I collect her ransom I will let her family know where to find her. I leave the hapless wench bound and gagged to await my henchman's call once her collects the money. Terra struggles helplessly in the ropes but there is no escape. Once my man calls I return to the garage and find my pretty captive still totally helpless but that gag just won't do, she is making far too much noise. I don't want the neighbors her hear before I can get out of state. I remove her cleave gag only to stuff an old rag deep in her mouth. I then wrap duct tape tightly around her head, sealing her mouth shut with the rag filling her poor jaws to capacity. Now I can make my departure with the knowledge that no one will find pretty Terra out here until my men make the call to her family. Sorry my dear but that call won't be made anytime soon, I hope you don't have to pee anytime soon it would be a shame to ruin that sexy satin ball gown, now wouldn't it?

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