12:40 video

New warehouse hire Tony is lazy and his attitude is horrible. He is a young male chauvinist who thinkks women should do his bidding. I come into the warehouse to find the lazy boy lounging on a chair smoking a cigarette talking on a cell phone. He gets right up in my face when I reprimand him. I've had enough of his belligerent tone and I call out to my shop girls to help me teach the boy a lesson. We shove him down into a chair - Lane Lane sits on him shoving her big tits in his face. Lovely long hair Nicole Peters holds his arms as I cram his elbows together and tie them tightly behind his back welding his arms tightly together. He keeps running hisbig mouth despite the face smacking he's getting. I grab Tony is a tight hold and order him to settle down. Nicole and Lana are having fun taunting and tormenting Tony. He screams out and curses us. I grab more rope. The two girls sit on his lap holding him down while I tie his ankles to the chair leg. Once that's done I sit on his lap and smother him with my tits. I grab his balls and squeeze - settle down boy! I've had enough of his big mouth and I cleave gag him brutally tight with black electrical tape. I press my stiletto heel into his balls and we leave him to suffer and struggle bound and gagged in the chair. Nicole and Lana are having way too much fun with Tony, so they sneak back in after watching him struggle for several long minutes and tighten the ropes on his wrists. They fuck with him some more and laugh at his peril. Finally they get bored of insulting and taunting him and they leave him helplessly bound and brutally gagged in the warehouse.

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