Tom E Strano and I have been working for many years at the bar owned by the Asian Mob. We have nothing to show for all our hard work - the money just keeps rolling in and it's all for the Asian crooks. Beautiful busty Nyssa Nevers is the mob book keeper and she knows where their safe is. I devise a plan to force Nyssa to tell me the location of the safe so I can get my hands on the cash.   Tom and I discuss final preparations for our plan and I leave to hide in Nyssa's house to wait for her arrival. The gorgeous Asian enters and I quickly inject her with truth serum.  Nyssa wakes up bound tightly in a chair. She starts to struggle and curse. I stand over her and watch for a while interrogating her where the cash is. Nyssa refuses to talk. I pull out her big tits and grope her bound body squeezing them roughly and laughing at her. I pull up her skirt pushing my hand into her pussy tormenting Nyssa. I straddle her and ask again. Nyssa is having none of it. Oh so you want to do this the hard way missy? I take out the syringe and put her out again. Nyssa wakes up tied up laying face down with in a goat rope. She begins to struggle and moan.  I ask again where the money is and now Nyssa is not quite so aggressive as she fights to breathe. I yank up hard on the rope connecting her tied neck to her bound ankles and poor helpless Nyssa coughs and gasps for air.  Finally Nyssa tells me where the money is. I leave Nyssa bound and gagged struggling on the floor. Nyssa wiggles and maneuvers escaping out of the bondage then removes her gag and makes a frantic call to the Asian mob. It was that barmaid GiGI and her man that ripped us off. Nyssa picks up the paper I dropped and says I know where they are going and what their new names are. Don't worry - I will get the money back and I will make them pay ... TO BE CONTINNUED

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